Music is a language and in the Suzuki approach it is learned the same way a baby acquires language.

There are 4 main tenets that guide Suzuki teachers and Suzuki families:

  • Children have unlimited potential. Parents can nurture their childs musical ability by creating a home environment that includes music.

  • Children have a natural ability to learn by ear. Just as they learn to speak their native language (or languages) by ear; they can develop a natural feeling for the music that they hear all around them.

  • To maintain a positive, natural environment, music reading is introduced after the child has developed the ability to play many pieces on the piano easily by ear, in the same way that in school, young children are taught how to read, after they can speak fluently. The teacher has the responsibility to work with the parent (s) so they can assist their child at home.

  • In the Suzuki approach, each child is respected as a unique human being. All aspects of the lesson are geared to the child: the length of the lesson and its pace. Concentration is developed naturally, over time. We celebrate every small step of this very special path towards learning how to create music!